The Tevere and Farfa River Trails Map

Get inspired by the Tiber waterway and the bicycle and pedestrian paths within the Nazzano Tevere-Farfa Nature Reserve with Google Street View. Plan your route independently and safely for an ideal experience for young tourists and families looking to connect with nature.

By water, bike, or on foot? You can choose how you explore the Reserve!


Follow the current and discover the Tiber and Farfa Rivers from a unique perspective – that of water. You can bring your own equipment, or alternatively, book a canoe at the Tiber Point. Visualize the route with the help of the virtual map.


You can reach Tevere Point from the Poggio Mirteto FS train station, either by getting off the train directly with your bike or by renting one there. Plan an itinerary and stops with your family now to spend a day outdoors, surrounded by nature, and discover the animal and plant species of the Reserve.


Walk the paths slowly, taking in the rhythms and scents of nature in every corner of the Reserve. Don’t miss any detail! Look on the map for the ideal spots for birdwatching and enjoying a break by the Tiber or Farfa riversides.